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30-Hour Degree
Who is This Degree For?

Anyone who is called to serve God’s kingdom and is in need of broad biblical and pastoral training, especially:

Campus Pastors
Executive Ministers
Student Ministers
Creative Arts Pastors
*those without a Bible college undergrduate degree are still encouraged to pursue
Degree Courses
Contextualized Hermeneutics (3 hours)
Christian Doctrine and Theology (3 hours)
Worldview and Cultural Discernment (3 hours)
Biblical Theology of Mission (3 hours)
Spiritual Formation and Discipleship (3 hours)
Self-Awareness and the Christian Leader (3 hours)
Pastoral Counseling (3 hours)
Exegesis Elective (3 hours)
Free Elective (3 hours)
Free Elective (3 hours)
Featured Faculty
Doug Welch
Spiritual Formation Concentration Lead / Professor of Spiritual Formation
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