Our Commitment

Ozark Christian College is committed to full compliance with all laws regarding equal opportunity for students with disabilities. Students, the faculty, and the Academics Office all play a role in ensuring that reasonable and appropriate accommodations are provided in a timely and effective manner. The following is an outline of the process followed at OCC when a student requests services or accommodations in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

Requesting Accomodation

It is only through a student’s voluntary disclosure of disability and request for accommodation that OCC can support disability needs.


Students with disabilities who wish to receive accommodations or services must disclose the disability and make a personal request to the Director of Academic Operations. The student meets with the Director of Academic Operations, submits required disability documentation, and formally requests services, including accommodations, a minimum of eight (8) weeks before the start of a semester. Depending on the nature of the disability more time may be necessary to satisfy the reasonable accommodation.


A disclosure of disability or request for an accommodation made to a faculty or staff member other than the Director of Academic Operations will not be treated as a request for an accommodation.


Requests for services or accommodation should be made prior to the start of each semester to allow time to review requests and documentation and make proper arrangements. Accommodation arrangements may be compromised or denied if a request is not made in a timely manner. Requests must be renewed each semester.

For the complete Students with Disabilities policy, see occ.edu/disabilityservices.